Venue & Jabari

 We loved that Babbe B Events. They had other options available to us when other vendors didn't work out. They were VERY prompt at returning phone call and emails. My wedding day was beautiful and I have to give thanks to Babbe B Events

Kesia & James

 I hired Babbe B Events because they planned my parents anniversary gala and it was awesome. I felt like I was at another wedding all together. So, when I got engaged, I knew i wanted Tracee & Paris to plan my wedding. Our wedding and reception were at the DIA in Detroit. I received so many compliments from my guest about how great our wedding was and how everything flowed smoothly. My parents were Extremely pleased! Thanks Ladies!

Mya & Lane

I can tell you that my dream wedding was more than I could have ever imagine. The Babbe B Events team were professional. My fiancé’ and I did not have to worry about anything. They made everything was perfect. My wedding tables were amazing, I could not stop looking at them. Tracee & Paris were such gracious planners.

Monica & Anthony               Wonderful wedding planners. They thought out of the box and incorporated                                                         some really unique ideas that made my husband and I very happy that we hired                                                   them. Babbe B Events is definitely worth the cost. I feel like I made friends for life                                                   with them.

Karen                                     I am still wondering what we would have done without Babbe B Events! They                                                        honestly exceeded our expectations with their attention to detail, organization,                                                      leadership skills, and overall coordination of our daughter’s wedding. They used                                                  modern technology throughout the whole process & were promptly there for our                                                  every need. If you have a vision, we highly recommend them for coordinating                                                        anything because we were blown away by their services.

Angela & Cedric                   Our first meeting with Tracee & Paris was very exciting and very professional. They                                                were always on time and never had the "I'm busy" attitude. We both were                                                            included in a lot of decisions and she made things run very smoothly. They helped                                                organize everything from day 1 and made sure we're on target with each task.                                                    They were awesome when it came to returning phone calls and always made us                                                  feel as though they had our best interest, even down to the vendors they referred                                                  us to. Their team was on time for our wedding and orchestrated everything very                                                    smoothly on our wedding day. We were so happy we had a wedding planners                                                  like Tracee & Paris!!