Babbé b.\bāb-be b\ improper noun 1: Beatific – giving or indicative of great joy or bliss 2: Au Courant – Up-To-Date, stylish, 3: Bold - beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative 4: Blend – a collaboration of artistic design; a mixture of styles 5: Exquisite – rare excellence of production or execution 6: Brand – a distinctive kind; the Babbé B Experience, Babbé b. Bride


Clients of Babbé b. Event & Design Studio are looking to make a statement when they procure our services. Our mission is to give our clients an experience that is unparalleled to anything they have ever imagined. From development and planning, to design and decor, we are able to guide our clients as little or as much as they desire. We pride ourselves on delivering exquisite events that our clients speak on, for years to come.


Owner | Event Designer & Planner

Owner and Creative Director, Tracee Smith, has years of planning and management experience under her stilettos.  While living in Chicago and working for one of the top human resource consulting firms, she developed a passion for planning and executing events. Artistically she blends a unique array of contemporary couture designs with a touch of vintage elegance.  She inspires her clients to push the conventional boundaries of traditional weddings and embrace the Babbé B experience.

 “As a wedding & event planner, it is my goal to make sure my client’s have a spectacular event. Being able to take a client’s thoughts, wishes, and dreams and make it a reality is extremely gratifying. I think my unique flare for originality sets me apart and beyond from ordinary event planners.”

Favorite Things

Family, Jazz, Mercury (my German Shepherd), Chicago, Stilettos










Event Designer & Planner

A dedicated Event Planner, Paris Smith also serves as the Social Media Coordinator for Babbé B Event & Design Studio. Paris brings a wealth of creativity and attention to detail to the business.  She is known to push creative boundaries and exceeds expectations every time.  Paris’ genuine personality, along with the ability to stay calm under pressure, is just one of the many reasons why Paris so effortlessly gels with her clients.  She takes the time to really understand who her clients are and what they need, in order to give them the experience they deserve.

"Designing and planning are my passion. My passion allows me to create the amazing events that my clients have come to expect from us. Our clients come to us because they are looking for a certain style for their wedding or event that only Babbé B Events can deliver”

Favorite Things

Grandma's Lemon Cake, Starbucks, Puerto Rico, Gardening, & Museums




Babbe is our wonderful mother. All that we are and all that we've accomplished, would not be possible if she had not loved and cherished us. She taught us that failure is not falling down, but refusing to get back up. What she sacrificed for us, we can never repay, but that never stops us from trying. We wouldn't be the women we are today without her. She inspires us to words and thoughts to complex to ever convey. 

Favorite Things

Eau De Cartier, Chicago, Cheese Cake, Grand Luxe Café, Jazz, Montpellier VT, Tiffany & Co.